QuietKat 6000W Prowler AP All Terrain Electric Trike

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QuietKat 6000W Prowler AP All Terrain Electric Trike

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QuietKat has emerged as a leader within the all-terrain electric vehicle industry, and it’s not hard to see why when viewing the QuietKat 60v Prowler AP Electric All-Terrain Trike. Specifically designed to excel at travelling off-road, the Quiet-Kat Trike is durable, hardworking, powerful and affordable, capable of taking a rider just about anywhere that they need to go. Weighing in at 135 lbs, the QuietKat is light enough to be manageable, yet solid enough to ensure all 3 wheels stay firmly on the ground.

The power for the QuietKat Prowler Trike comes from an impressive 60 volt 20 AH lithium battery (all models come with charger included). This generates over 6000+ watts of power (equivalent to 6 horsepower) to run the QK TC65 Motor. Working together, the battery and motor have enough power and charge to travel 20-25 miles. With the addition of a second portable battery, you can travel 40-50 miles on a single charge!

The QuietKat Prowler All-Terrain electric trike is engineered for heavy loads and hard work, capable of carrying up to 275 lbs of total weight off-road. Equipped with a front handlebar carry bag and a weight supported rear utility rack, this model of QuietKat is ideal for work on the farm or ranch, whilst the near silent engine makes it perfect for use when out hunting on the game trails. The impressive 4” front shock absorbers and 4” rear suspension system enable you to ride comfortably over logging trails, whilst the Knobby tires will help you to successfully traverse difficult terrain. Rear mud guards and front mud fairing give added protection when riding down muddy tracks or through boggy areas.

For improved safety and functionality, the QuietKat Prowler Trike is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes and has an advanced “Ramp-Up” throttle. It also includes an 18 FET Digital Controller, rubber grip floor mats, swing arm and digital display/meter. The remarkable torque of the QuietKat Prowler Trike ensures that it can climb even steep inclines without missing a beat.

Constructed in the United States, the high grade aluminum frame is 32” wide and 65” long. Since this is a smaller sized all-terrain vehicle you won’t have any problems negotiating narrow off-road trails or farm tracks. If you do encounter an obstacle that it is impossible to traverse, the QuietKat Prowler is light enough that you can carry it over and continue on your way. Since the QuietKat Prowler was engineered for off-road use, you can trust that this heavy duty electric all-terrain trike will withstand many years of serious outdoor use.

  • Engineered for hard core off-road usage
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and advanced “Ramp-Up” throttle
  • Knobby tires suitable for rough terrain
  • Capable of additional battery for double the range
  • 6 hp QK TC65 motor equivalent to 6000+ watts


  • Battery: 60V 20AH Lithium Battery Pack & Charger
  • Spare Battery: Capable of additional battery for double range
  • Motor: QK TC65 Motor
  • Controller: 18 FET Controller
  • Range: 20-25 Miles with one battery
  • Extended Range: Capable up to 50 miles with use of additional battery
  • Top Power: is 6,000 watts
  • Wheels: 4” Knobby Front Tire and 4” Knobby Rear Tires
  • Racks: Weight Supporting Rear Rack and Front Handlebar Bag
  • Guards: Rear Mud Guards
  • Throttle: Advanced “Ramp-Up” Throttle
  • Reverse: Yes
  • Rear Width: 32″
  • Max Length: 65″
  • Min Height: 32″
  • Weight: 135 lbs

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