Green Bike 750W GB750 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

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Green Bike 750W GB750 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

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Green Bike USA 750W GB750 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Green Bike USA has released a fantastic range of electric folding bicycles over the years, and all of them have been popular with riders looking for a good blend or performance and portability. Their latest instalment is the Green Bike USA 750W GB750 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike, with more power and heightened off road capabilities.

Whilst the majority of the Green Bike USA folding e-bikes are fitted with 350 watt motors, the GB750 fat tire has an upgraded 750 watt brushless rear hub motor from 8Fun. This reliable brand name motor is supported by a 48 volt lithium-ion battery with 15.6 amp hour and a cell pack by Samsung. The battery pack can be easily removed thanks to the folding seat, and with the AC 100V-240V 2A charger the battery can be fully recharged in just 3-6 hours.

The biggest change to the new GB750 folding electric bike is the incorporation of 4” wide fat tires that are puncture resistant. Designed to successfully traverse all manner of terrain, fat tires are inflated to a lower psi than traditional bicycle tires, resulting in a more cushioned and comfortable ride. Fat tires also have improved float when compared with standard tires, which is why they are so successful at travelling off road. With the Green Bike USA GB750 fat tire folding bike you will be able to ride over rough trails, sail through fresh snow or even just take a lazy cruise along a sandy beach.

For improved comfort when riding off road, the GB750 folding e-bike has been fitted with a longer suspension setup to better absorb shocks sustained riding over uneven surfaces. The handlebars are wide-set for a more natural and comfortable position (in addition to improving maneuverability), while the TEKTRO front and rear disc brakes give added peace of mind that you will be able to stop safely and effectively when necessary.

The GB750 has the ability to be folded in half to improve portability, with the new addition of a magnet to hold the 2 halves of the bike frame together whilst you are transporting it. This simple addition ensures that the halves won’t swing open unexpectedly, which could damage the e-bike or cause injury to bystanders.

A Class 2 thumb throttle is complemented by 9 levels of pedal assist (PAS), in addition to a 6-speed Shimano gearing system. The 3 modes of operation (standalone pedal propulsion, pedal assist or sole throttle power) gives you the ability to customize each ride, deciding exactly how much support you want from the electric motor. The LCD display allows you to select from the various options of pedal assist, in addition to monitoring your current speed and battery charge remaining.

  • Upgraded 750 watt brushless rear hub motor from 8Fun
  • 4” wide fat tires that are puncture resistant
  • Improved and longer suspension setup to absorb shocks
  • Class 2 thumb throttle complemented by 9 levels of pedal assist (PAS)
  • LCD display for selecting pedal assist level, in addition to monitoring current speed and battery charge


  • Motor: 750W 8FUN rear hub motor 
  • Battery: SAMSUNG 48V / 15.6AH battery
  • Display: LCD display with 9 levels of pedal assist and USB port
  • Sensor: 9 tube intelligent brushless controller/sensor
  • Charger: AC 100V-240V 2A charger
  • Charge Time: 3-6 hours
  • Thumb Throttle: Yes
  • Frame: 6061 aluminum-alloy 20” frame
  • Tires: 20” x 4” CST tires (puncture proof)
  • Handlebars: 63cm handlebar
  • Fork: Mozo Front Fork
  • Brakes: Front/Rear TEKTRO disc brakes
  • Gears/Derailleur: Shimano 6 speed gears and Shimano rear derailleur
  • Brake Levers: Aluminum-alloy brake levers with power off when braking
  • Saddle: Velo big saddle
  • Seat Post: Aluminum foldable seat post
  • Lights: Front & rear LED lights connect power
  • Accessories: Turn signals, brake lights and electric horn

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